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Classroom - Empathy Lessons
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 18 April 2009 04:57


The goal of this activity is to identify any children who may be having problems connecting with their peers.

Materials:     Concentric Circle Log

(Make this by creating a series of concentric circle, one more than the number of times the most popular child was chosen)


1. Come up with a question where students must choose 1 or 2 peers for an upcoming activity. For example, “We will be going on a field trip name 2 people you would like to sit next to.” Ask students one on one or have them write their answers down.

2. After collecting this information tally up the number of times each student was chosen, record this on the Concentric Circle Log, with the students chosen most often in the center and moving to the least chosen on the outside. If you need to add more circles until those students that were not chosen are on the outside. Draw arrows from each student to those that they chose. With this visual representation of the classroom’s interactions assess why some students may not have been chosen.

3. Based on this information try to address the reasons that some students may not be connecting with others, conduct interventions based on your observations. Repeat step 1 again to see if there have been any changes.




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