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Classroom - Empathy Lessons
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Sunday, 19 April 2009 05:33

Grade Level:     K-12

Duration:         45 minutes


In this activity students work on social problems that they may be facing or that they may encounter in a group role-play. Sociodrama is a technique where groups dramatize and role-play in exploring different social situations of the group’s choosing.


Students will develop skills to work out social problems that they are facing in school. Students do this by identifying different solutions to problems that they face, and putting themselves in different positions to see how others may feel.

Materials:       N/A


1. The group chooses a conflict or problem that they would like to explore. This is dependent on the age of the group and the things they are facing. For example for Kindergarten students sharing toys or materials is a relevant topic, older students may choose to explore bullying.

2. The group discusses the problem, plans how to put it into a dramatic scene, and assigns roles.

3. Students improvise and role-play the conflict.

4. Students test multiple solutions to the problem, audience members can help to suggest different ideas and resolutions.

5. Students discuss their observations and how they felt while acting. They can reenact the problem again based on what they observed.

In order for this activity to work students must feel comfortable and know that they are in a safe place. The author set up separate workshops for students to attend, creating a safe environment and setting the tone for sharing and collaborating.


McLennan, D. M. P. (2008). The Benefits of Using Sociodrama in the Elementary Classroom: Promoting Caring Relationships Among Educators and Students. Early Childhood Education Journal, 35(5), 451-456.


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