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Grade Level:    6-12

Duration:        3 sessions 1 hour long


In this lesson students will use digital media to communicate emotions. It involves students identifying what they are feeling and conveying it in some form.



The students will be able to represent and convey how they feel in a media project of their choosing. They will also be able to respond to the work of others in an empathetic way.


Software such as iMovie, PhotoShop, etc. A camera or a movie camera could also be used.


1.    Students choose a medium to explore, such as photography or film.  

2.    Discuss how emotion is conveyed through the mood or tone of the piece, view different examples art that is in the chosen medium, and have students identify the emotion that is being conveyed.

3.    Teach any necessary skills for the students to be able to create their own digital media, depending on the program you are using.

4.    Students create and display their work, as a class discuss what emotions are displayed and how to respond to them. You can set up a question and answer time as well.

Discussion questions could include:

a.    What did you learn about your peers that you did not already know?

b.    Do you feel closer to your peers after completing this project, and why or why not?

c.    How did this project make you feel? Was it easy to convey the emotion that you wanted?



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