The Conceptual Age Senses

The senses that Pink describes are Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. These senses are essentially right-brained directed, high touch aptitudes, skills necessary to “develop the whole new mind this new era demands” (Pink, 2005, p. 65).

  • Design is the ability to create aesthetic value from everyday objects, and services.
  • Story is the ability to weave information into compelling narratives.
  • Symphony is where one is able to put together and integrate incongruent information from multiple sources into an “arresting new whole” (Pink, 2005, p. 66).
  • Empathy is a skill that allows people to identify and relate to others, a foundation for caring and relationships.
  • Play refers to joy, laughter and humor.
  • Meaning is the sense of purpose and significance that gives consequence to the lives of people.


These senses relate to art, music, the abilities that make us human and set us apart from the animal world.