There are a number of assessments available with which to judge a person’s empathic abilities. These can look at specific abilities necessary to the empathic response like:

Spot the Fake Smile” - based on Paul Ekman’s work, hosted by BBC Science and Nature 

Baron-Cohen’s “Mind in the Eyes Test” where participants must see if they can recognize the emotion in a person’s eyes

Or different Empathy Questionnaires or quotients like this one: Empathy Quotient also based on Baron-Cohen's work.

Serious tests look at different aspects of empathy and may measure a participant’s cognitive or affective empathic abilities. These assessments are influenced by how the developers define empathy, who they develop the tests for, and the fact that many measure sympathetic responses, which can be different from empathy skills (Albiero, 2009). When thinking about assessment educators must ask themselves what is the purpose of the assessment, how will it affect instruction?